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Chipped Basin & Baths

Chipped Basin & Baths

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How to repair chipped basin & baths

“Today’s modern baths and basins are manufactured from a variety of materials such as vitreous enamel, plastic and steel, as well as glass, marble and granite, whereas an older home may still be fitted with a porcelain or enamelled bath or basin…”

Original source: http://www.home-dzine.co.za/bathroom/bathroom-basin.htm

chipped basin & baths

Bath and Shower base repairs

“Baths, shower bases and even Vanities can be repaired for cracks and chips. You would be surprised how new a plastic bath comes up looking after our polishing service, this removes all scratches and creates that perfectly new shine to the surface for years to come…”

Original source: http://www.bathmagicmakeovers.com.au/#!repairs-/cjmf

chipped basin & baths

How to Repair Cracked Resin on a Bathroom Vanity Sink Basin

“Cracked resin (solid surface) sinks should be repaired right away to prevent leaks. Cracks can also spread out and further damage the sink. You may be able to use a two-part epoxy to fix some cracks. Solid surface repair kits are also available, but some deep cracks require a professional to fix the damage. Two-part epoxy or repair kits can be bought online or at some local counter-top shops. The repair kits come in a variety of colors, so your sink should look almost new when you are done…”

Original source: http://www.ehow.com/how_5940982_repair-bathroom-vanity-sink-basin.html

chipped basin & baths

We specialise in chipped benchtop repairs in Sydney. Contact us today for ceramic chipped basin & baths repairs as well as granite or marble repairs.

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