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High Quality Chip Repairs on All Types of Hard Surfaces

ChipFix offers cost-effective solutions for exceptional surface repairs. We take pride in having advanced tools and a thorough repair process that can make your hard surface look as good as new. With our expertise, you can get rid of unsightly chipsĀ on your bench top, wall tiles, or marble floor.

Our team always goes the extra mile to provide excellent service to clients. We don’t settle for second-rate results when it comes to our work. We always aim to assist with your repairs without going over your budget. From granite, marble, to engineered surfaces, our team has you covered.

Convenience at Its Best

Our team strives for efficiency to get repairs done without any delay. We work with your convenience in mind and place great value in your satisfaction. Our team is always ready to address any concerns about our repair process.

Get a Quote from Our Specialists

For an exact quote, take a photo and place a 5-cent coin next to the damage so to give us an idea of the size of the area to repair. You can email your photo to quote@chipfix.com.au or call 1300CHIPFIX (1300-244-474). One of our staff members will return to you with a price shortly.

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