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Granite Chip repair

Granite Chip Repair

Granite counter tops can add beauty, color and value to any home or business. Most Granite is imported from Africa, Brazil, Europe and other nations rich in natural stone. It is an extremely unique stone that is highly durable because it rearly scratches, cracks or blisters, making it an ideal choice for many homeowners and cooks around the world. But sometimes through movement delivery or just plain accidents around the house, your granite bench top might need a granite chip repair.

Do Not Throw out or replace your granite. At chipfix we have a granite chip repair process that can and will make your granite look as good as new. Kitchens are usually the main focal point of any home and tend to be one of the highest selling points with home buyers. By adding granite counter tops to your kitchen, you can give your home that luxurious look that no other type of material can beat. If you decide to sell your home, you will be glad you installed granite counter tops due to the high return on investment you receive.There is no need to throw out the beautiful top just because of a chip, Chipfix can fix it to ensure you keep the value of your investment, making it look as good as new.

Advantages of Granite Countertops: • Cost effective • Retains its value • Durable stone that does not crack, blister or scratch • Stain resistant • Available in hundreds of shades and colors – greens, whites, reds, browns, blacks and blues. • Available in different textures • Compliments any wood cabinetry • Heat resistant (can withstand hot items being placed on the surface, such as hot pots and pans) • The surface is very cool, which makes it perfect for cooks to roll out pastry dough • Each granite stone is unique • Different patterns – swirls, specks, veins • Easy to clean • The coloration will never change • Adds a touch of class to any home or business.

Many restaurants and cooks favor granite counter tops over tile, marble or laminate because granite is cool to the touch, (making it easy to knead dough and mix things directly on the surface), are scratch resistant, heat resistant and easy to clean. In fact, granite is so durable that you can cut directly on the counter top itself or place hot pans on the surface and it will never scratch, burn or fade. Whether you’re replacing your current counter tops or installing new ones, natural granite counter tops are a superior choice and will retain their value for years to come.However Granite can chip if a hard object knocks against it such as a pot on the edge of the bench but we at ChipFix can help as to repair that chip and keep it looking new. Contact ChipFix Today.

Granite Benchtop Repair


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