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Granite Repairs

Granite Repairs

Marble and Granite Repairs

Marble and granite surfaces are durable but can also sustain damage if not maintained properly. Heavy items dropped or sharp objects scraped across the surface can damage the finish. The surface can also have chipped edges, which can cause further damage. When it comes to these problems, ChipFix can provide the solutions you need.

Granite Repairs

Our company is one of the most trusted specialists offering marble and granite repairs. We provide exceptional Repair-Systems for kitchen tops, bath sinks, wall tiles, and flooring.

Providing Top-notch Solutions

Quality service is what sets us apart from other companies. We take pride in our many years of experience in repairing hard surfaces, from natural to engineered stones. We also have well-trained and skilled technicians who can conduct granite and marble repairs without compromising workmanship.

We only use high-grade materials for our granite and marble chip repairs. We use specially formulated resin to make your surface extra durable and bring back its flawless beauty. We can also repolish the finish to make scratches, cracks, and other damages as invisible as possible.

Offering Cost-Effective Alternatives to Replacements

Marble and granite can make the space stunning when they look new, and ChipFix can help you achieve that without having to spend a fortune. Our marble and granite chip repair service include colour matching to make the surface nearly as perfect as the original. With our expertise, you don’t have to worry about costly replacements anytime soon.

We’d be more than glad to provide a quote for your granite and marble chip repairs. Send us a picture of the surface damage so we can evaluate the extent of repair needed to quote@chipfix.com.au or Call 1300-244-734 for more information.


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