Chip Repairs

A Chipfix repair is a much higher quality repair than our competitors, this is how we have become known as the #1 Stone Repairer in Sydney.

Our technicians are Caesarstone factory trained, highly experienced and use the latest technology and quality products to ensure the best result is achieved. We use a newly developed repair system which takes stone benchtop repairs to a whole new level. Our repairs are invisible to the eye…. it’s like the chip never happened!

Our process is delicate and detailed, much like a dentist repairing a filling. We use a special formulated material from Germany which simulates the original stone. Our technicians will expertly colour match your stone chip with a specially formulated resin, then delicately add in the detailed flecks / veins of the stone, to replicate the existing pattern. Once this is set off with a UV light, the repair is hardened and
strong, leaving you with an ‘as new’ benchtop ready to use instantly.

No wait time is needed after the repair, you can use your benchtop as normal.

Note: When choosing a stone repairer, some other companies will perform a basic repair by just filling in a plain colour to fill the chip, without adding the detail of the stone back in. This results in a noticeable patch which you will see.


Our Chip repairs are extremely durable, in fact, we offer a 2 year guarantee on our repairs. Therefore, you can feel assured your chip repair will not fall out.

View our Before and After photos in the PHOTO GALLERY and our REVIEWS to see why our happy customers wouldn’t go anywhere else