Join Repairs

It is quite common for the joins between your stone pieces to loosen and fall out after time. This is usually due to building movement or constant vibration of the stone (i.e. dishwasher installed nearby). Age of the resin and incorrect maintenance can also cause loosening, staining and discolouration of the joint.

This can occur on natural marble, granite and engineered stones such as Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, and Silestone kitchen benchtops.

When loose or cracked joins occur, this allows food and liquids to sink in, trapping bacteria, also causing discolouration. On light coloured benchtops where the resin in the join is pale, the resin can yellow, or can look black due to trapped dirt.

Our technicians will carefully remove the old resin and clean the join thoroughly to ensure all trapped dirt is removed. We use a high-quality Italian product used only by stonemasons, which allows our technicians to blend a colour matched resin to the stone, ensuring a less visible join. This product is also Food-safe (unlike silicon) which ensures a hygienic surface. Once the join is filled, our resin will harden quickly, allowing you to re-use the benchtop almost immediately.