Stone Cutting

If you are making some modifications to your kitchen or outdoor kitchen, such as adding a larger cooktop, sink or need new tap holes; Chipfix technicians are trained in safely cutting all types of stone benchtops.

Our technicians will carefully measure your new appliance and mark up the area required for cutting onsite. Please note: Your appliance (cooktop/sink/tap) must be available onsite for measuring to ensure a perfect fit.

We use an innovative custom made wet-cutting tool to ensure a cleaner cut and no dust dispersion through your home.

The technicians will seal off the area while cutting, to ensure no dust and alleviate any contaminants in the home.

It is important to note we provide a safe wet-cutting service. Unlike our competitors, we do not dry cut stone as this is a health concern due to the risk of Silicosis.

Chipfix is the only service provider in Sydney to offer a safe wet-cutting service.