Clean & Polish

Most engineered quartz stones are stain resistance, but not stain proof. They can develop stains if food and spills are left on the stone for prolonged periods of time. This often occurs from the tannins, oils, and colours of food and liquids left on the surface.

Even without noticeable stains, you will be surprised how the stone can trap dirt and oil. You may notice your benchtop develops a ‘sticky’ feel even after you have wiped it clean.

To keep your benchtop in optimal condition, keeping it hygienic and restoring its shine and even texture;

We recommend a Professional Deep Clean and Polish at least once a year.

It is important to note, never ‘spot clean’ your stone, as this will result in noticeable patches.

Our technician will soak your benchtop with our special formulated cleaning solution, then evenly clean and polish in sections using a gentle stone polishing machine. This will extract any embedded dirt and oils from the stone, leaving your benchtop looking and feeling clean and with an even texture.